Types of marriage videos

When hiring the video of your marriage should take into account what types of reports can be made. Not all professionals work equally. Ask for samples of their work and analyze if they will be comfortable with what they offer.

Marriage videos – choose the genre

When hiring the professional to record your marriage it is essential to have a clear idea of ??what you want. In general, the marriage videos can be more or less classic, casual, detailed.

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 However, we can differentiate three very marked genres within the marriage videos:

Video memory. This genre combines the classic video, in which the ceremony, the food and the party are filmed, with homemade videos and photos of the life of the couple. Special care should be taken in the editing and assembly, and especially in the choice of shots, photos and music. You can also include images of the honeymoon. The price of this type of marriage videos varies depending on the experience and the quality of the professional.

Documentary video This genre is the most requested by the couple today. It covers the entire wedding, from the first hour of the big day to the honeymoon, going through the ceremony, the food, and the party. It also includes interviews to the guests in which they talk about their relationship with the protagonists, capturing the emotions and feelings of each one.

Sometimes the couple is interviewed and they tell how they met, they thank the guests for attending, etc. This type of video is one of the most expensive since it requires more than one camera for its filming.

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Video without editing. As indicated by its name, this genre shows the video as it was recorded in order to be a faithful reproduction of reality. It is a very simple type of video compared to the previous ones and therefore cheaper but it can be long and boring. It can also contain images that you may not like.