Vanessa Hudgens new tattoo so daring that it left us speechless

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the celebrities that most sensuality and beauty evoke. Although her presence alone inspires incredible femininity, her fashion choices – sometimes quite risky – are also a huge plus in her image.

Added to this, the ex-protagonist of High School Musical has found in tattoos another way to further embrace her femininity.

Although the actress does not have as many tattoos as other artists, the ones she presumes are very striking.

Vanessa Hudgens new tattoo design

For several years he only had three designs: a butterfly on the back of his neck and the O? symbol on the side of his two pinkies.

However, this 2020 the Spring Breakers actress already surprised us twice with the feminine drawings that have been captured on her skin, and it is just the second Vanessa Hudgens new tattoo that gets the applause.

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At the end of January, Vanessa went to the tattoo artist DRAGON, famous tattoo artist for various celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers, and sensually decorated the left side of her body with a delicate sunflower.

Beyond that the sunflower is quite beautiful, the second Vanessa Hudgens new tattoo is the one that completely fell in love with her. In March, Hudgens returned with DRAGON for this art and the result obtained left her speechless.

A delicate and beautiful female angel covers a considerable part of her ribs on the left side. The black and white design sports incredible shadow and contrast details that undoubtedly explain why Vanessa was fascinated.

In addition to joking a bit about the name of Vanessa Hudgens new tattoo, the actress also shared with all her fans the exact moment when she saw it for the first time.

Once you look closely at the new art on your ribs, the only thing you can express your delight in is the simple expression “Ohhhh” repeatedly repeated and intonations.

There is no doubt that with these two new designs, mainly the second one, Vanessa adds a touch of sensuality to her being.