Virgin tattoo, symbolic of the astrological sign of the Virgin

The astrological sign of the Virgin (from 24 August to 22 September), linked to the planet Mercury and represented by a symbol resembling the letter M, identical to the symbol representing the scorpion. Unlike the latter, the letter M symbolizing the virgin has a last leg which comes to cross the previous one, closing the letter.

Virgin Tattoo Symbol

This symbolic signifies several things: the femininity of the sign, a metaphor for the ear of corn representing the attachment of the sign of the Virgin to the nourishing earth by the end of the harvests, and the cutting of the cord connecting it with mother nature. Landmark par excellence, linked to the beginning of autumn, the Virgin is a sign that fits into logic, honesty and commerce, intelligence and the coldness of virginity. The symbolism of the virgin is connected with traits of characters that move away from the primary instinct and are inscribed in an inhibited nervousness, an obstinate, methodical and alienating quest for perfection in detail.

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The Virgin is an astrological sign marked by discretion, control, order and personal discipline, especially in the performance of tasks in the work. Little instinctive, the natives of the virgin govern the daily by a great meticulousness. Methodical in the smallest details, they act with prudence, rigor and reflection. Choosing a virgin tattoo motif can have several meanings: the most obvious being that of the purity of virginity related to the Virgin Mary. To be tattooed a virgin is therefore often a symbol of religious piety.

The virgin tattoo is one of the most represented motifs in the American old school tattoo and in the gangsta tattoo. It symbolizes protection, redemption and finding or regaining faith and devotion. The religious tattoo often uses the symbol of the Virgin, represented haloed or holding Christ in her arms. To represent the zodiacal sign of the virgin, it is therefore not necessarily strategic to choose a religious representation, unless it corresponds to personal spiritual values

In a Virgin tattoo symbolizing a sign of the zodiac, the symbolic dimension is given priority to direct representation. The symbol of the sign of the virgin is perfect for this: it is a mixture in the letter “M” and the Greek letter Mu: “µ”. Little known to the general public, the symbol of the virgin in the zodiac allows to signify its belonging to be discreetly sign by a small tattoo on the neck for example, or on the inside of the wrist for the most feminine version.

For a more figurative representation of the symbolism of the virgin, one must expect to pass for a person attracted by religion. One will choose for a virgin tattoo a rather old school style in color, which can be accompanied by other classical symbols like the fire, the crown or opposite symbols like the dice and the cards to represent the vice of the game. Generally avoids symbols related to lust, unless achieving such a tattoo by pure provocation. The tattoo of a virgin in black and gradient artistic gray very realistic is also a common and very effective pattern, especially for a tattoo in the back or on the shoulder

The top: a small tattoo of the symbol of the virgin in the neck or behind the ear

To avoid: the gore or the morbid. The tribal is not necessarily very adapted no more to a tattoo for the sign of the virgin, unless to stylize to excess the symbol Mµ which represents it

The virgin is a very conservative sign. He is credited with character traits such as seriousness. Maniac and perfectionist, the native of the virgin is renowned for his methodical and hardworking side. Little dominant and very modest, he tends to be dominated despite his intelligence, and to marginalize himself, to stand apart from others. He may, however, be very devoted and possess a great spirit of self-sacrifice. It is an astral sign to introspective characterology. The person marked by the sign of the virgin lacks confidence in it, but possesses a great faculty of analysis and of distancing. This setback allows him to evaluate situations coldly and adapt accordingly with great opportunism. The first peculiarity of the virgin is her realistic meticulousness: she loves things well done and will put all her energy into the realization of the task entrusted to her. This is why the virgin generally adapts very well in the world of work. Sixth sign of the zodiac, and first autumn sign, Virgins are born at the end of the harvest. Their amorous accounting will greatly depend on their ability to surpass their critical and pinailleur detailing side. The virgin is able to give a lot of love, unconditionally, from the moment she finds her balance in the couple

Compatibility of the sign of the virgin: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus
Incompatibility: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo
Pierre: Agathe
Color: yellow, gray, orange and green
Planet: Mercury
Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Claudia Schiffer, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Bacall, Sean Connery, Goethe, Agatha Christie, Serena Williams, Hugh Grant, John Coltrane, Warren Buffett