Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Watercolor tattoo are one of the great ideas when it comes to tattooing. No doubt, today we show some designs for girls of the most special. These types of tattoos can be defined as an entire explosion of color and originality that can be present in the usual designs.

In this way, a simple design can be completed with a little color and create a more personalized and of course, original style. It seems like every time, more women opt for a tattoo of this style. Motives have for it, because there are numerous and very varied. Discover the ones we have selected for you !.

Watercolor tattoos a tasteful explosion

Their name comes from the finish they count on. As they seem made with the watercolors with which we made our drawings as children. Some designs form a kind of stains, irregularly shaped and many others, try to follow the previous lines. As we say, there is something for everyone!.

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Any tattoo style can go through a finish like this. It is about getting color to our design. But not one, but a combination of the same. In this first case, if your passion are the dancers, nothing like adding the watercolor tattoo effect. The tattoo itself symbolizes strength and struggle. A way to represent each obstacle that we are overcoming. Of course there is always a lot of optimism and this will be reflected in the colors.

The eyes are another of the most common symbols as far as tattoos are concerned. Within the meanings, there is always a wide variety. On the one hand, we can get to refer to the spiritual part that we have and in another, to the gaze of that person who has left us, but who is still very present in us. It is said, that one of the most general meanings of this type of eye tattoos is that of protection.

Mixing concepts and styles is always a risky bet that can go great. In this case, we are left with one of those ideas that we love. On the one hand, we find two basic symbols such as the faces of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Who does not know this beautiful pair of little mice? Well there are also many designs that we will find. In this case, a place like the doll, admits a small tattoo but loaded with symbolism. Something that completes with a little color, uniting the great love of one of the most intimate couples of the small screen.

Color and originality can be enjoyed wherever we want. So much so, that although we see some in arms or wrists, also the tattoos in the leg count with great prominence among us. A way to carry a design discreetly, especially in winter. You can choose to decorate the top of it with ingenious ideas, like the one we leave you on these lines.

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Although the rest of the designs are also perfect in its finish, this one has that touch that allows us to enjoy what would be a well colored drawing. Yes, they are other terms but of course, they make us stay with one of the great examples as far as beauty is concerned. If you like this finish for your tattoos, in addition to getting different options for your shapes and themes, you will also have them when coloring them. A mixture of shades, shades and good taste, which we will only be able to appreciate with watercolor tattoo. Also, what about carrying some flowers. Do you know what they mean? Yes, the beauty had to be the protagonist again.