Watercolor tattoos, when art became a fashion

Kai Troge featured in Tatoo Tuesday for 2/18/14.

Although it seems that with the title of this article I am looking for the easy controversy. Not much further from reality. I think that to this day, you will agree (those who really are in the world) that watercolor tattoos have gone from being great works of art to one more fashion. It reminds me of the times when everyone became tribal, sugar skulls or the distant spiked bracelets. Wow, how much has it rained since then.

Watercolor Tattoos Ideas

Well, although personally I think that many people decide to make this type of tattoos more fashion, I think there are really some artists in the world that embody authentic works of art. What’s more, I still remember the first watercolor tattoos I started seeing for Trattrx. And to this day I still surprise myself in the same way. There are some incredible designs.

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Best of all is to be able to combine some styles. A minimalist base in which we have only the outline of what we want to tattoo ourselves (an object or animal for example) and that the fill is made with this style of watercolor.

Some people think that they do not look too good as they may seem like a simple stain or neglect on the skin. I disagree with those opinions. Although good, as I say in these cases, for tastes, colors. And you, what do you think of these types of Watercolor tattoos? We would like to hear your opinion.


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