What do sunflower tattoos mean?

Sunflower tattoos. Also known as mirasoles, jaquimas and calomes, sunflowers are a very special type of plant, with a unique flower and that historically, has been extremely useful for humans. That is why his flower has become a very attractive and interesting symbol in many areas, including that of tattoos. Sunflowers have a symbolic meaning behind that you should know if you are thinking of getting a new flower tattoo. Do you know what sunflower tattoos mean?

The Sunflower tattoos

As we always do, to really know what the meanings behind each symbol are, let us begin by knowing some details of the thing itself. Sunflowers are a type of herbaceous plant and although they originate in the American continent, today they are practically cultivated in the whole world due to its great usefulness as food.

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Since ancient times, sunflowers have been used to prepare oils, since there are different varieties but all have about 58% oil in their fruits, in addition, their seeds are also edible and indeed exquisite. Today, they are also used to prepare biodiesel and finally, with the flour that results from this extraction, the livestock are fed.

All this is because the plant is so important, although the aesthetic beauty of the flower itself is undeniable, as is the mysterious and perfect natural distribution of its seeds, in what it knows as the Vogel model, a form of the spiral of Fermat that gives a magic and fantastic touch to the flower. Let’s get to know some of the meanings hidden behind this beautiful flower.

Optimism, faith and joy in sunflower tattoos

One of the characteristics we all know about this plant is that they have the ability to move to be in a position where they can receive the most sunlight and thus make the most of the Sun’s energy. The one that gives him his name, but also the one that attributes a symbolism strongly related to optimism, faith and joy. So in different cultures of the world, sunflowers are seen as a symbol of spiritual faith, of worship and of absorbing good energies. A very interesting story is for example the one of the Greeks.

In ancient Greece, the sunflower was the emblem of Clitia according to mythological legends. Clitia was a water nymph who had fallen in love with Helios (personification of the Sun), spying on him every day since leaving his palace until he hid in the west. One day, Helios had sexual relations with Leucótoe (a mortal princess) and Clitia, jealous, related to the father of Leucótoe everything happened.

Furious, Leucótoe’s father locked her in a cave, where years later he died alone. When Helios heard of everything, he despised eternally Clitia, who suffered, was condemned to spend the rest of his days following Helios on his daily tour. Finally, the gods of Olympus turned it into a heliotrope or sunflower, always following the solar splendor and waiting for a new opportunity to pray for the love of Helios.

What do sunflower tattoos mean?

On the other hand, for the Chinese, sunflowers represent good luck, longevity and vitality, since the yellow color is the color of life and intelligence, but above all, happiness. In short, in this way and around the world, the sunflower usually appears, among other things, as a symbol of faith, hope, spiritual knowledge, healing, light, magic, provision and life. For all these reasons is that sunflower blossom is increasingly popular among tattoos.

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What do you think of this plant as a motif for a tattoo and its symbolism? Would you sunflower tattoos?.


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