What Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go on Commonly and Traditionally?

A wedding is something that closely related to tradition such as the idea on what hand does the wedding ring go on. Doing it in a wrong way may be subject to some terrible words or even things according to the tradition. Thus it is important to understand as many things as possible related to wedding tradition before planning one.

What Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go on?

The so-called wedding ring hand within many western countries will be the left one. Clearly it is the one tradition that most people knew today. The wedding ring can be placed alongside the engagement ring all together. Meanwhile it is also possible that the engagement ring will be separated and can be found on the other hand.

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Yet there are also some areas of the globe where the ring is actually worn on the right hand. There are even some crucial reasons to support the idea of right hand for wedding ring instead of the left one. At the end the choice is ultimately the freedom of the wedding couple to decide. So, the idea of what hand does the wedding ring go on can possibly be the right hand or the left hand once the decision is made by the couple.

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