What Hand does Wedding Ring go on? Does it always a Left Hand?Read on

What hand does wedding ring go on? It is acceptable to answer if everyone is using it on their left ring finger. However, why should they do it? There is a reason behind the custom history. We certainly need to go back to the ancient times of Roman. Romans believed if the vein in the ring finger ran directly to beloved’s heart.

What Hand does Wedding Ring go on? pretty representation

Because of that belief, the vein is often known as the vein of love or vein of amorist. It has pretty representation when associated with two human beings who weave a marriage bond. We know that the story does not really exist even though people still love the story. Therefore, in Western culture, they also adapted the tale by wearing wedding rings on the left ring finger. However, cultural differences also underlie the differences perspective when embracing the wedding ring.

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What hand does wedding ring go on? In fact, there are some European countries that use right ring finger for wedding ring. They are Norway, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Germany, and some parts of Belgium. This also applies in Russia including surrounding countries such as Latvia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Moreover, it is also different in Greece nowadays.

Traditionally, Greek people used the right hand for wedding ring for years especially in Orthodox Christians tradition.

However, the culture has changed in mostly people there because they live with modern Western culture with the left hand. Interestingly again, India even accepts both. Both right and left ring finger, all is acceptable for couples there. If they used to think the left hand is worse than the right one, now that belief has changed. What hand does wedding ring go on woman? It only depends on preferences.