What Is Selena Quintanilla Wedding Ring?

Selena’s wedding band has extraordinary shape. To be particular, it is egg-molded. Selena Quintanilla wedding ring was made particularly for the popular tejano artist at the demand of workers of a boutique possessed by her. It was planned by Phillip Randolph, an ace gem dealer. The workers communicated their want to introduce the ring to the artist as a present for her birthday in 1995.

Selena Quintanilla Wedding Ring

Selena Quintanilla ring is finished in January 1995. It was produced using 14kt yellow gold with 14kt white gold egg top encrusted in 52 3-point precious stones weighing 1.5 ctw altogether. There is letter “S” fused in the band plan three times on each side of the ring. Selena herself expressed that she “completely adored” the egg ring to the creator.

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There is one copy of the first ring Selena Quintanilla wedding ring. It has a similar plan and similar jewels and valuable metals. The ring was given to the Optimist Foundation of Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas, Inc by Mr. Randolph. The copy is assessed to have an estimation of $5,200. A duplicate of the ring can be seen worn by Jennifer Lopez in the motion picture “Selena”. This duplicate, nonetheless, was not a copy since it was made for the film utilizing diverse materials.

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