What is the meaning of anchor tattoos

Originally, sailors tattooed anchors on their arms. The symbol has gained popularity and has spread to other social strata. But what is the meaning of anchor tattoos? All How you can find it in detail …

The first and best known of the meanings of anchor tattoos is closely related to the sea, which is why it has become the icon of sailors, fishermen and the navy in general.

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The anchor is the symbol of stability but also of returning to port after having sailed in the open sea, in the adversity: a strong symbol in the eyes of those who work at sea.

The anchor represents firmness and stability, this is the function of this object: to keep the boat to avoid drift. That is why an anchor tattoo symbolizes a certain consistency of mind or conviction, an attitude that helps us to remain strong in the face of conflicting situations and the pangs of time.

Where values ??are no longer, hope is the end, the anchor symbolizes the referential, the landmark and the course to be maintained.

Meaning of anchor tattoos. The anchor symbolizes the bond that unites us to our loved ones, hanging from the people we love. It is common to see anchor tattoos with names or initials.

A couple or good friends use this symbol to symbolize their union. If you want to have an anchor tattooed with a friend, no need to add the friend’s name next to it: you just have to do exactly the same anchor, as in the photo below.

Returning to the belief of the sailors, who were not only the first in the Western world to use the art of tattooing, but who used the anchor as a symbol, let us not forget the power conferred on this object : Protection and security; Any person with a tattooed anchor will always be protected from adversity, said …

Photo meaning of anchor tattoos