What is the meaning of angel tattoos

Angel tattoos are magnificent and majestic tattoos often of large size in order to be able to realize it with a lot of detail. They are suitable for both men and women. . Although of a greatly religious symbolism, the angel is a symbol more and more used out of its religious significance. If you know what is the meaning of an angel tattoo.

Angels are celestial creatures present in the three great monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The word angel comes from the Greek angelos which means message, and is that they are considered as messengers of God.

They officiate as a bond between men and the Gods. An angel tattoo can therefore be a way to mark your deep connection with religion, and be carried as a sign of your faith.

The angel tattoos represent

An angel can also represent a form of spirituality, without necessarily associating it with a religion. The angel will represent the fact that you believe in a superior force, representing the bond between the material world and the spiritual world.

The angel is a symbol of protection and security. An angel tattoos becomes the guardian of your body everyday. He also reminds us of the difference between good and evil, to guide us towards the power of good in relation to evil, and urge us to always choose the right camp. One form of angel tattoo may be to tattoo only the wings.

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The angel can represent your guardian angel. The guardian angels guide the man to show him the way to his spiritual destination, otherwise his eternal salvation. Its role is not simply to protect, but rather to push the man to make the decisions that will bring him to that destination.

A guardian angel tattoo can represent a deceased person, to show that this person is always present in your heart with you and that it is old on you

Archangels are above the “hierarchy of angels.” Alongside God, Archangels are considered to be the most powerful beings spiritually and intellectually. An archangel tattoo can have a highly religious significance.

The archangel can be drawn with a shield and a sword, which will symbolize strength and combativity. A fighting angel tattoo can therefore be ideal if it is the character trait you want to highlight, or to symbolize a fight that you have had to lead in your life, and that you have won (illness, Addiction etc …)

An angel may also have a dark and dark side. The fallen angel and an angel who defied God and found himself exiled on earth. Because of their rebellious nature, they find themselves in the other side in the battle between good and evil.

But fallen angels can also choose to repent, asking God for forgiveness. A fallen angel tattoo can symbolize the dark side of an individual, especially their rebellious nature.

The fallen angel tattoo can also be chosen to symbolize the mistakes committed in the past and that regretted it. The face of the angel must then be sad as a sign of repentance.