What is the meaning of arrow tattoos

Discover in this article all the meanings of the tattoo of arrows. Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your personality, feelings, ideas or tastes through a graphic element that will accompany you throughout your life.

That’s why choosing a pattern whose meaning is evocative is the best way to choose what you will tattoo on your skin. This is no doubt, the arrow tattoos are very fashionable. But do you know what they represent? You have to know that before you take the plunge.

Arrows are an excellent tattoo motif because they are, for the most part, delicate, fine and perfect for people looking for a tattoo that is neither too big nor too noticeable. However, given the wide variety of models that exist, you will need to decide on the appearance and style of your arrow.

Let us now turn to the fact: what is the significance of arrow tattoos? This is no secret to anyone, the arrows were once, with the bow and crossbow, the most used weapons. Thus, its first significance is related to the concept of protection. It is a symbol that represents protection from anything that can hurt or hurt, be it physically or psychologically.

Arrow tattoos a perfect choice

If you are looking for a tattoo pattern to make in couple, the arrows are a discreet and perfect choice. This is the motif that represents love. Indeed, the mythological character Cupid sends an arrow in the heart of its victims so that they fall in love.

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So, if you want to represent this feeling that unites you with your spouse, you can both choose the same arrow and have it tattooed on your body as a symbol of your union.

The position of the arrow and some elements can also change its meaning. Two crossed arrows signify the friendship and feelings that bind you to your close friends. So you can perfectly make yourself tattoo this pattern, you and an important friend in your life.

Another significance of arrow tattoos: evolution and the need to move forward. Once an arrow is pulled, it can only go in one direction: forward. So this is a motive that reminds you that this is the direction you need to take and that you must leave behind conflicts and problems in order to evolve.

If your astrological sign is Sagittarius, you will surely be delighted to know that the arrow associated with the bow is one of the most used motifs to symbolize this sign of the zodiac. You can therefore pay tribute to your sign with this simple but representative tattoo.