What is the meaning of butterfly tattoos

Although nothing determines whether a tattoo is feminine or masculine, the butterfly is a typically feminine tattoo, and it is even one of the most popular and requested tattoos among these ladies. Indeed the butterfly is a delicate and sophisticated animal with many varieties and colors, which makes it a motif that offers an infinity of possibilities. We will therefore focus in this article on the meaning of butterfly tattoos.

The butterfly represents above all metamorphosis, transformation and rebirth. It is an animal that passes from a terrestrial state to an aerial state while living an embellishment of its body. It is therefore a perfect symbol to express a great change in your life.

Butterfly tattoos symbol

The figure of the butterfly also symbolizes mystery and secrecy, for the transformation that it undergoes remains one of the great mysteries of nature for scientists. Some even see the work of god, which adds to the butterfly an aura full of spirituality and mysticism.

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Because of its very short life, the butterfly is also a symbol of ephemerality and superficiality. But this is not necessarily negative. Indeed it can serve to express the lightness of life and freedom, or the fact of having to live every moment of life as if it were the last.

Like bird tattoos, butterfly tattoos are perfect for expressing freedom. An idea to reinforce this idea of ??freedom is to make you tattoo only the wings of the butterfly on your shoulder blades, as if it were yours.

What better animal to express beauty and grace than the butterfly? The shapes of its wings and its colors make it a perfect design to express your femininity in all its forms, and no doubt that you find a place of your body perfectly indicated for this tattoo so sensual.

The butterfly tattoos is a symbol present for centuries in many cultures. In Japanese culture it represents femininity and virginity, and two butterflies symbolically conjugal happiness. In ancient Greece, the butterfly was considered a vehicle carrying souls. For the Aztecs, it was indeed a male symbol and virile since the butterflies were a tattoo symbolizing the souls of the warriors.