What is the meaning of cross tattoos?

More and more people choose to decorate their body with a tattoo that represents something important for them or that have a design aesthetically attractive; This is the case of crosses, a type of tattoo that can encompass different meanings apart from religious. We are going to tell you what is the meaning of cross tattoos so you understand the value of it and you can decide if the message it conveys is appropriate to your way of understanding life and conceiving the world. We recommend that before choosing a design or another go to a tattoo professional so that you can make a special drawing for you with details that you like.

Cross tattoos as a spiritual symbol

One of the meanings of cross tattoos is that which refers to the spiritual world. It is one of the oldest symbols that has been used by a large number of cultures from all over the world. The vertical and horizontal lines represent Father and Mother Nature and the point at which these two lines meet symbolizes the union between the material and spiritual world. It is for this reason that religions such as the Christian have been used of this sign to reflect all the religious condensation of its doctrine.

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There are many varieties of cross but the Latin or Roman is the best known to be the symbol of Christianity. This sign was approved as such in 300 AD and is the one that represents the place where Christ was crucified, the summit of Christianity because it allowed his resurrection. The linking of the cross with this religion made sailors and soldiers tattooed to be more connected with the spiritual world and with God and thus, to be protected.

Cross tattoos as a symbol of nature

But, as we have already mentioned, there are many designs to get a cross tattoo, and depending on what you choose, its meaning will be one or the other. There is a variant in which, just in the center of the union of the horizontal and vertical lines, a circle is drawn; This sign is one of the oldest that are preserved since they appeared in the Neolithic in Europe and are known as “solar crosses”.

In Asia, America and India there is also the presence of this type of tattoo and represents the sunrise and sunset, the seasons and the union of the poles. It is, therefore, a design that represents the connection of the man with the divinity but, also, with the earth when incorporating natural elements in the concept.

The cross of life

Another of the meanings of a cross tattoos is the one that reflects life. In the image you can see a type of tattoo that is the cross of life (also known as “ankh”) and is an ancient Egyptian symbol that was related to good luck. In the drawing of the same we see the following:
The lower part of the symbol refers to our passage through the earth, we tread the earth.

In the centric part (the horizontal line) refers to the peak moment in which, by the way of the life, we reach the spiritual world.
The upper part, the semicircle, indicates the access to the life of the beyond, the divine life, with the gods and the higher beings.

In the culture of ancient Egypt it is usual to find these signs since it was one of the ways they had to indicate the step that this body experienced when passing from one life to the other.

The Iron Cross

Come with a totally different meaning of this type of tattoo. When someone is engraved in his body an iron cross has nothing to do with a spiritual or religious connotation, but it is a relation of meanings that have more to do with courage, strength, courage, loyalty, and so on.

Being the material of the iron cross is attributed to the design the full meaning of this material, ie, hardness, strength, and so on. In addition, the drawing is quite different than the previous ones because the blades of the cross are not too high and offer a circular result that adapts to many areas of the body.

Cross and anchor tattoo

It is also very common to see a tattoo of a cross with an anchor, this symbol has also been widely used by Christianity and refer to overcoming problems. The anchor represents that lifesaver thanks to which you can protect yourself from the storms of life, it is the point of union, of stability with the earth that helps you to start again.

The cross, in this case, symbolizes God’s help in reference to the fact that, thanks to the intervention


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