What is the meaning of crown tattoos

Are you thinking of getting a crown tattoo? This very popular design currently is filled with symbolism such as authority, leadership or strength.

The crown is a royal and princely symbol, an attribute which elevates them above the population of their empire and gives them a role of leader and protector of it. In this article we will explain the significance of crown tattoos today.

As we have mentioned, crowns were the jewels worn by kings and queens to assert their authority and rule over their lands. When a person makes a crown tattoo, one of the most common meanings is to reflect the sovereignty she has over her own life. Independence, strength and self-control is what you want to show with this tattoo.

Another significance of this type of tattoo is to remember the power that everyone has over oneself, and the need to appeal to wisdom before making a decision. Good monarchs are those who want to make progress for their people in a fair and just manner.

Crown tattoos design

A person who tattoos a crown design can therefore play with this meaning: the decisions of life must be taken with intelligence and be as accurate as possible.

Some people tattoo a crown to show their desire for prosperity and evolution in life. With this meaning crown tattoos would have the meaning of a lucky amulet to help the people who wear it to go far in their lives, and to succeed in obtaining wealth and abundance (and not necessarily in a purely economic sense but in the broad sense Of the term: love, friendship, health, happiness etc …)

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In relation to the signs of the zodiac, the crowns are associated with the sign Lion, since they symbolize the king of the jungle, that is to say the lion. The people belonging to this sign can therefore be tattooed to affirm their similarities with what it represents (leadership, courage, strength, authority etc), what their own sign represents.

As we have already said, the crown represents power and authority over oneself. But it can also denote a spirit of leadership, highlight the essence of each and cultivate its own love. Another meaning of the crown can be “victory”, as in the case where we overcome a complicated and difficult situation and you are now in a new stage of your life, stronger than before.

Crown tattoos can also refer to unconditional love within the couple. He will tattoo the traditional design of the crowns of kings, and she will do the same with a female crown pattern. In this way the crowns symbolize a special bond of a love inseparable and pure, as in fairy tales.