What is the meaning of dandelion tattoo

The dandelion tattoo is highly prized by young women, who usually get tattooed on the wrist, neck or shoulder. The meaning of the tattoo is varied but it revolves around dreams and hope. Whether it is a dandelion that flies or the entire flower, the meaning is always positive and portents of happy moments.

The dandelion tattoo symbolizes at first the innocence and purity of the children and the child sleeping in each. It represents the lightness of the being that one feels during childhood, reason why one sometimes adds a fairy or a child blowing on the dandelion. One can thus see in the dandelion an ornamental symbol: it symbolizes the imaginary, the awakened dream, the wonder.

Dandelion is also a symbol of freedom, distant travel and adventures. It recalls the games of children in the wilderness, when they blow on the dandelions and frolic without worrying about anything. Freedom in the pure state. A swallow is sometimes tattooed to add weight to the meaning. The dandelion tattoo symbolizes peace and hope: a dove is often tattooed to the side to reinforce this trait.

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But dandelion has a broader meaning. It is, of course, the symbol of memory and happy nostalgia, especially of childhood. A person who gets tattooed a dandelion that flies wants to remember the happy days and wishes to be faithful to the child she was. Dandelion symbolizes loyalty to her childhood dreams and the ability to marvel at the world.

Dandelion is a fragile flower that recalls the ephemeral of life. But this impermanence symbol must encourage us to live passionately the present moment and to fulfill all our dreams.

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The flying dandelion represents the wish that one wishes to accomplish or that one is accomplishing. A sentence often accompanies the motive to express the wish in question.

When the dandelion flower is intact, it is also good sign: you want to be happy in love and in the relationships you will build with your surroundings. Dandelion is a symbol of lightness and tenderness among men. The red rose will reinforce this meaning.


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