What is the meaning of diamond tattoos

Diamond tattoos have become very fashionable for a few years, and are used both on male and female bodies. Beyond the attraction of this precious stone, it is important to know that it is its meaning before definitively marking it on the skin.
Diamonds are probably the most popular gemstones we can find, hence their popularization also as tattoo. However this image has a strong meaning that makes many people choose it as a tattoo.

The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word adámas, which means invincible or unalterable. This meaning derives from the clear characteristics of the diamond as a life-long stone, strong and resistant.

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For these reasons one of the meanings of a most obvious diamond tattoo is strength, using this stone to represent resistance to adversities and conflicts.

Diamond tattoos also mean eternity because it is a gem that lasts all the life thanks to its great resistance. It can be used to show the eternity of a loving or affective relationship of any kind, or used as a symbol of infinity because an image is reflected many times in a diamond.

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For centuries the diamond was regarded as a symbol of luck and wealth, for who possessed a diamond possessed a treasure. As a tattoo, it can therefore be a good representation for anyone who wants to bring luck with him wherever he goes. If you consider yourself a lucky person, this is an ideal symbol.

For those who believe in astrology, the diamond can be an ideal tattoo to represent those born under the sign Aries. This is why some people choose it as a tattoo, to do both honor to their zodiac sign but also to one of the main characteristics associated with rams: strength.
Now that you know the meaning of diamond tattoos, are you determined to get one tattooed? If you still hesitate, we advise you to read other article about the meanings of tattooing like the tattoos of stars, feathers, owls or knots.

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