What is the meaning of dolphin tattoos

In the world of tattoos, tattoos of animals have the best part, whether for love for a particular animal or for what it symbolizes and represents. The dolphin tattoo is one of the most popular among both men and women because it is an animal of great beauty and intelligence, and especially full of symbol. In this article we will explain what is the meaning of dolphin tattoos.

Meaning of dolphin tattoos – intelligence and knowledge

The dolphin is a symbol of intelligence and knowledge. This mammal is able to solve and come to help other animals see humans. One of the characteristics that makes the dolphin one of the most intelligent species that exists is its sociability and the relationships it maintains with other members of its species.

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The dolphins also have a great capacity for learning, and it has even been shown that each dolphin has his own personality within his group. A dolphin tattoo symbolizes intelligence and knowledge.
The dolphin being an animal loving to play, a tattoo of this animal also symbolizes play and joy, and living without worry.

The meaning of dolphin tattoos is also a symbol of fresh start. Its close relationship with water gives it the power to erase or clean things from the past. The dolphin is associated with the idea of ??renewal in many cultures since by erasing the past it is possible to start from scratch.

Among the Celts, the dolphin was considered a great luck charm. He was considered the guardian of the seas and the protector of sailors. It symbolizes the union between the Celts and the sea, and especially a symbol of luck because on sunny days and calm sea it was common to see dolphins on the coast. It was also a great symbol of healing.

In Polynesian and Tahitian tattoos, the dolphin tattoo is a protective symbol. In the Polynesian mythology the dolphin directed the Maori towards the promised land while protecting them from the attacks of sharks. The dolphin also brought the ships straying to sea near the coast.

The symbolism of the dolphin is also linked to the duality of the personality. Indeed the dolphin belongs to two worlds, living in sea but returning to the surface to breathe. The dolphin is often considered the king of the fish, while being a mammal. A meaning of dolphin tattoos can symbolize the fact that you “belong to two worlds”, that your personality and your life is complex. . In this sense the dolphin tattoo is associated with the symbol of Yin and Yan.


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