What is the meaning of dream catcher tattoo

You’ve definitely seen more than once seen someone with a dream catcher tattoo about the body. This tattoo, while being visually very aesthetic and attractive, has in addition a symbolism that goes back centuries in native America.

The Lakota Indians were the first to use these amulets, which they said protected them from nightmares. Today, this meaning has been updated and refers not only to the world of dreams, but also to that of awakening. In this article we will show you the meaning of dream catcher tattoo so that you can understand why people get tattoos.

Dream catcher tattoo legend

 Let’s start by evoking the related legend of the dream sensors. This type of amulet was used by the Lakota people, an Indian culture in which spirituality and superstitions were the order of the day. According to legend, it is said that a village shaman met in the woods the “great master”, a being who had a supreme wisdom and had the appearance of a spider.

The sage taught the shaman the life cycle and, while telling him all the secrets, ordered him to weave a canvas around a circle. With this gesture, the shaman allowed his body to catch all the ideas the sage told him, but he had to leave a hole in the center of the circle so that the bad ideas crossed it.

In this sense, we can assimilate the catcher to a symbol in which people weave their essence throughout their lives with ideas, knowledge, dreams and hopes and all the negative feelings and bad experiences accumulated over time Years can disappear from its own spider web through the hole left in the center.

In this way, one accepts a basic principle that most cultures have assimilated: in life there is a duality between good and evil, no one can deny it.

Knowing that in the course of life we ??will encounter signs of evil, we must leave a hole of air within ourselves so that they can leave without leaving traces of his presence in the mind.

Therefore, in order to know what is the meaning of dream catcher tattoo, you must venture into the spiritual world, for the canvas that surrounds the circle symbolizes your essence, your personal tangles that have a hole in the center for , Thus being protected against bad energies, bad experiences and bad memories.

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In addition to this more metaphysical sense of human existence, dreams sensors are also considered as protective amulets capable of removing bad vibrations by letting them pass through the spider’s web and sliding through the hole left open to the eye, Inside.

They are also often used to get rid of nightmares taking place in the dreams world by capturing good dreams and filtering the evil through the hole in the center.

Thus, the dream is more pleasant, the sensations, lighter and our health is much better when we have deeply rested all night.
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Thus, dream catcher tattoo sensors symbolize your own life (the spider’s web) that was woven with good thoughts, good feelings and all the evil evaporated through the central hole. Moreover, it is not only a reminder of its own existence, but it is also considered an amulet to learn to avoid bad energies by letting them flow and get away from life.

Dream catcher tattoo picture