What is the meaning of feather tattoos

Feathers are among the most used creations in tattoos. This is due not only to their aesthetic beauty, but also to their versatility and ease of adaptation to various parts of the body, particularly good on areas such as the forearm, back or legs. But it is important to know what the meaning of this item before tattooing it on your skin, do not you believe?.

Feather tattoos concept

Feather tattoos encompass various meanings, but the first is the association with the concept of freedom. The feathers belong to the birds, especially considered as free animals because of their ability to fly, which is why tattooing one or several feathers affirms the decision to live freely or seek freedom.

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But this figure does not represent only freedom or the desire to reach it, it is also closely linked with the world of ideas. Feather tattoos also evoke air, as they logically need air to move. That is why they are also linked with ideas, intellect and the ability to communicate what you think. It is an ideal figure for those who are dedicated to the world of communication or must be eloquent in their profession.

There are many feather creations and sometimes, depending on which one you choose, the meaning of the tattoo may vary.
If you opt for native or shamanic feathers, you then evoke your direct relationship with the spiritual world. Since this element was used by these cultures to invoke spirits and ancestors, a feather tattoo of this type reflects your desire to stay in direct contact with your spiritual guides.

When choosing a feather tattoo, it is also possible to choose a meaning according to the animal to which the feather belongs. For example, tattoos of eagle feathers symbolize valor and strength, as well as the strength of ideas and the conviction to maintain them.

On the other hand, those who opt for owl feather tattoos honor intelligence and culture, while the peacock feather reflects beauty and majestic character.


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