What is the meaning of owl tattoos

The owl is a mythological animal because of its nocturnal character and its intimidating appearance. In some indigenous cultures, the owl was considered a bad sign or bad luck. For most cultures, it is linked to the spiritual and cosmic world, making it a highly prized animal. Today is one of the most popular birds in the tattoo world, do you know what it symbolizes?.

Owl Tattoos: Wisdom

It is no longer a secret: the owl is an animal of obscurity that hides and camouflages very well not to be seen. It is for this reason that he is seen as a bird that knows much more than what others might see. The owl symbolizes wisdom. Thus, an owl tattoos can remind the importance of wisdom and knowledge.

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Owl Tattoos: Spirituality

In many indigenous cultures, the owl, due to its nocturnal and discrete character, is considered an intermediary in direct contact with the gods and spirits. This is why an owl tattoos can also represent a connection with the spiritual world, a guide to maintaining that bond in everyday life. This is a great option if you do not want to materialize this union by a religious symbol.

Owl Tattoos: Luck

For those who are superstitious in their daily lives, know that the owl is an animal loaded with symbols and many people take it as an amulet that brings happiness: the owl symbolizes luck. This image is loaded with powerful meanings, and it is not surprising to see it tattooed all over the world.