What is the meaning of phoenix tattoos

The term phoenix, or phoenix, comes from the Greek word phoenix, which means “purple” or red. It refers to a bird capable of being reborn from its ashes and thus living 500 years. The paleontologist and anatomist Cuvier (1769 – 1832) assimilated it to the golden, while others compared it to the birds of paradise and more rarely to the pink flamingos.

Although the phoenix is ??found in Persian mythologies (Simurgh), Chinese (Fenghuang), Aborigines (Oiseau Minka) and Amerindian (Thunderbird), its origin is African, more specifically Ethiopian. According to legend, the phoenix would die and then reappear in Arabia and in neighboring countries, such as Egypt, where it was associated with the cult of the sun.

Large bird like a raptor, its plumage is gold, but also blue, purple and red. It is sometimes called a bird of fire, for it can cause the flames to burst out of its beak and emit energy comparable to the sun.

If phoenix tattoos are so popular today, it is partly due to the ancient and mythological meaning of this legendary bird, but also to the aesthetic rendering. Let’s see what the meaning of phoenix tattoos is.

Phoenix tattoos meaning

The Phoenix tattoos, symbol of the cylce of life

Phoenix tattoos are popular among women (who prefer a tattoo in the back or lower abdomen) than men (who prefer to have their tattoos armed).

The phoenix dies and reborn, so that it represents the cycle of life. It may also mean that the person has had a difficult or even tragic experience but has recovered. In this sense, it symbolizes the transcendence of self. Getting a tattoo a phoenix serves to mark a new beginning.

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Symbol of strength and longevity

The phoenix sends a strong message to others: you are strong and able to face a rough or even cruel world, whose adversity is great. Those who believe in the immortality of the soul will gladly go to this tattoo (the phoenix lives 500 years and sets fire to his own nest when he feels the near end, another phoenix will be born from the blaze …)

Symbol of Hope and Perseverance

Regardless of the adversity to which the tattoo is subjected, this person keeps hope and remains optimistic because she knows that better days are coming. He is reborn and rebuilt on his own wounds, however great they may be. The phoenix symbolizes courage, which is precisely the ability to rise when one is at the lowest.

Fire symbol

Like the signs of fire (Aries, Lion and Sagittarius) the phoenix is ??linked to the Fire element. Flames often run through its wings and head; If you are considering a color tattoo, go for red, orange and yellow.

The alchemists of the Middle Ages took the phoenix as a symbol, fire being essential to their work. It also symbolized the sun, an element indispensable to earthly life, and therefore vitality or attachment to the life of the person who bore it.

Symbol of freedom and delicacy

All freedom-loving spirits, who like to travel or dream of leaving far away, will not be insensitive to phoenix tattoos, a symbol of openness to the world, of curiosity and intellectual independence.

If the phoenix represents strength, it is also capable of tenderness: if this legendary bird produces destructive flames, know that it feeds only on dew and does not kill to survive.


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