What is the meaning of semicolon tattoos

Let’s explore together the meaning of semicolon tattoos, very fashionable symbols that have invaded social networks; Many people have decided in turn to get tattooed this punctuation mark. However, beyond its use in writing, which everyone knows, this punctuation hides a great symbolic vector of hope in some people.

If you’ve noticed that more and more people are getting a semicolon tattoo, you’re probably wondering what the origin of this fashion is. Behind what appears to be a passing fad hides a positive and hopeful cause for many people.

Semicolon tattoos design

Everything began in 2013 with the creation of a non-profit project called Project Semicolon or a semicolon project created by Amy Bleuel to pay tribute to his father who committed suicide.

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The semicolon project is intended for people who suffer from depression, addiction, anxiety, self-mutilation, a sad period or who have already had a desire for suicide. Thus, this punctuation mark now represents hope for these people, who can remember that this is not the end (it is not an end point, but a semicolon that announces a sequel) and Is only a new beginning. This sign has become a symbol that helps not to forget that there are many reasons to live and continue to fight.

This non-profit project very quickly became famous on social networks and many personalities in the United States have shown their support for this cause. A new trend has emerged: dotted line tattoos, a clear and graphic way of supporting those suffering from major disorders such as depression, mental illnesses that compromise emotional well-being, and those who suffer and need to find Hope in their daily lives.

Thus, the meaning of semicolon tattoos is a cry of hope, an encouragement for all those who have not let any of these problems have their life right, but have decided to continue to fight. Image has become a means of remembering that one must overcome adversity and move forward in circumstances that are not always easy.

If there is someone in your family who is suffering from emotional or mental disorders, if you have experienced any of these situations, a semicolon tattoos is the best way to remember that there are always Reasons to move forward, that it is always possible to find peace and love in life.


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