What is the meaning of the clock tattoo

We will see here the meaning of the clock tattoo, be it a pocket or clock clock. The word “clock” comes from the Latin horologium and means “who says the time”.

The meaning of clock tattoo

Passing time

The clock is an object which indicates the hours and which is sometimes equipped with a ringtone. It marks time by decomposing it into units of time (hours, minutes, seconds). The clock symbolizes the time that passes.

The death

The clock tattoo is often accompanied by a skull. And for good reason, the clock also represents the ephemeral of human existence. All of them, without exception or distinction, are doomed to an approaching death.


The clock can be seen as a countdown: our time on Earth is limited and everything is doomed to disappear. We must therefore enjoy life.

Time has stopped

The clock tattoo is frozen. It can represent the mechanics that stopped and the time that stopped. Sometimes the clock is broken. It symbolizes the accident but also the present moment and it is then a way of encouraging the wearer of the tattoo and those who see it to savor the moment: Carpe Diem (Latin phrase meaning to “pick the moment”) Is often inscribed next to the clock tattoo.

A well-regulated life

The clock also symbolizes rhythm and by extension a well-ordered, organized existence. The clock is above all a mechanical that marks the cadence. But a broken clock symbolizes the opposite.

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 Temperance symbol

Temperance is one of the cardinal virtues (prudence, courage, justice), that is to say one of the great human qualities. It is synonymous with patience and thoughtful judgment. The clock symbolizes this ability to think before acting, to take the time of reflection and more generally the mastery of oneself.