What is the meaning of the dove tattoo

Discover here the meaning of the dove tattoo. The dove is a beautiful white bird, one of the emblems of peace. But the meaning of the tattoo goes further … if bird tattoos interest you, we also recommend the article Meaning of bird tattoos. You might also be interested in: What is the significance of Viking tattoos

The dove tattoo is first and foremost the symbol of peace, just as the white flag. It is often represented with an olive branch or a rose. It is the symbol of brotherhood among all men. In 1949, a few years after the Second World War, Pablo Picasso draws Colombe de la paix, a poster for the Peace Movement *. The Cold War was in full swing and the USSR made its first nuclear tests.

The Peace Movement is a French pacifist organization that was born after the Second World War, in resistant and communist circles, in order to reinforce the initiative of the UN. This organization is attached to the Global Movement of Supporters of Peace.

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Dove tattoo symbol

Symbol of purity

The dove also symbolizes the immaculate white, innocence and purity of soul and body. It is also associated with rare qualities such as grace and elegance.

Symbol of tenderness

The dove is harmless and tender. It encourages gentleness, whether in the family, in a couple or in society.

Love symbol

The two doves you see on the dove tattoo below symbolize the love and fidelity that unites a couple. The one who is tattooed a dove aspires to the happiness of his couple, which passes by the inner peace, the tenderness, the purity of the intentions. So many symbols associated with the dove.
In the Amerindian culture, to offer a feather of dove was to declare its flame.

Symbol of the Holy Spirit

The dove symbolizes hope, faith and the divine Spirit. Noah sends a dove to find out if the waters of the deluge have withdrawn. The dove returns with an olive branch. Moreover, the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ at his baptism.

On the image, the dove is associated with the rose to form a Tree of Life, sometimes called the tree of knowledge. We find this tree in many mythologies and under different names: Asvattha in India, Yggdrasil in the Vikings, Asherah for the Assyrians …
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Beauty symbol

The dove is often represented with a rose, for like it, it is a symbol of ephemeral beauty.




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