What is the meaning of the hummingbird tattoo

In the world of tattoos, bird tattoos seem timeless and hummingbird tattoo do not deviate from the rule. Hummingbirds are small birds with colorful and sophisticated plumage, nicknamed bird-flies for their small size. Just like eagles or swallows, hummingbirds are very popular birds at the time of getting tattooed. Because of the variety of species of hummingbird and the colors of its plumage, it is a tattoo that offers an infinity of variants. In this article of everything How we explain to you what is the meaning of the hummingbird tattoo.

Hummingbird tattoo symbol

The hummingbird is a highly symbolic animal in many Amerindian and pre-Columbian cultures, as it is found in a vast area of ??the American continent, ranging from the tropical regions of Central and South America to the far north of Canada.

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In Andean cultures the hummingbird was given the power of resurrection. He seems to die on cold nights but always comes back to life at dawn. For the Aztecs, the souls of the hummingbirds contained the souls of dead warriors descended to Earth. For the Hopi Indians, the hummingbird is like a hero who saves humanity from famine by intervening with the god of germination and growth.

The meaning of the hummingbird may vary according to the crop, but because of its colorful appearance and the delicacy of this species, it most often conveys the idea of ??natural beauty, innocence and love.

Another recurring symbolism of a hummingbird tattoo is that of elegance. Its ability to fly (it can fly in all directions and at really surprising speeds) can be interpreted as the ability to change and adapt, to be able to live life in all directions while still showing great flexibility.

Due to the fact that the hummingbird has the ability to fly back, it symbolizes the ability to look to the past, while continuing with his life. It symbolizes the ability of the heart to open again and to heal itself despite injuries and to continue to move forward.

The energy of the hummingbird symbolizes vigor and constant activity. The movement of its wings can be seen as a symbol of infinity. The hummingbird also symbolizes peace and respect through its noble and tranquil character.

Another symbol of the hummingbird is the joy of life and happiness. He reminds us that we must enjoy the pleasures of life and have fun, as the hummingbird does by constantly seeking to drink the most delicious nectars of flowers. Being incredible migratory birds that can travel thousands of miles, the hummingbird also symbolizes perseverance and tenacity in pursuit of our dreams

In addition to happiness, the hummingbird also symbolizes luck and protection, as much culture sees the sighting of this birds as a good omen. And like all bird tattoos, the hummingbird also symbolizes freedom