What is the meaning of the lily tattoo

The lily is a majestic flower originating in Asia and Europe, and known since antiquity as “the Queen of flowers”. It is a very symbolic flower, very related to royalty and to Christendom, although it also has other meanings. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo of a lily flower, macyte.com will explain to you what is the meaning of the lily flower tattoo.

Lily flower tattoo symbol

The flower of lily is a flower of legend present in many ancient civilizations. Among the ancient Greeks, the lily flower was born from a drop of milk fallen from the breast of Hera, and was a symbol of sexuality and fertility. In ancient China the lily flower was a symbol of abundance. In our culture it is a symbol of great Christian religiosity. The lily flower represents the Virgin Mary, and symbolizes her purity and innocence. She may also have other associations with Christianity and symbolize your faith and your love for God. The lily flower tattoo can therefore represent your faith.

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The lily flower has also become a symbol of royalty since the Capetian dynasty chose it as a royal symbol in the 12th century. It represents the glory and prosperity of kings, and its symbolic religious dimension the fact that the Virgin Mary protects the kings. . When the lily represents royalty it is represented in a stylized form.

The meaning of a lily flower tattoo may vary depending on the color of the flower. A white lily flower symbolizes purity and chaste love. The yellow lily symbolizes friendship, so it can be a great idea for a girlfriend tattoo. It also symbolizes pride. The pink lily symbolizes sweetness and tenderness.