What is the meaning of the swallow tattoo

Bird tattoos are among the most popular tattoos these days, especially among girls. They are very rich in symbolics, but the fact is that one can find tattoos of many species of birds and each one of them has a different meaning. The swallow tattoo is one of the oldest worn tattoos, and these are creations that can fit very well into any part of the body.

Swallow Tattoo Symbolize

The meaning of the swallow tattoo is closely related to the nature of this bird. The swallow is a migratory bird that spends the winter in Africa to return to our regions in early spring. It can travel up to 10,000 km. They always return to the same place every year and remain faithful to the nest they have built. It should be noted that the population is continuing to decline due to various factors, such as decreased food or the use of pesticides in agriculture.

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The swallow tattoo is originally a marine tattoo used for centuries. For the sailors to see a swallow was the sign that the land was near, which was a real moment of joy because it announced a return to the home and the family after long months at sea and often the sailors were tattooed Swallow as soon as they set foot on the ground. The more a sailor had tattooed swallows, the more he had sailed. The swallow therefore a highly positive omen, a sign of a return home. Tattooing a swallow can therefore be perfect for people who have a traveling soul but who still remain attached to their roots.

The swallow tattoo is a great symbol of freedom and escape. In fact, it was a very popular tattoo in the prisoners because they symbolized the freedom to find again, or else the hope of seeing it realized.

The swallow has the peculiarity, unlike many other species of birds, to choose a partner and him to remain faithful throughout life. It symbolizes eternal love, fidelity and loyalty. The swallow tattoo can be an excellent idea for a couple tattoo, or a symbol of your family love for your loved ones and friends.

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The symbolism of the swallow tattoo can also vary depending on the color of the swallow you will be tattooed: If the plumage of the swallow is yellow, the tattoo symbolizes luck. When it is rather red, it indicates success. A blue swallow will symbolize healing. A tattoo that can symbolize the fight against a disease that was eventually defeated.