What is the meaning of tiger tattoo

Discover here the meaning of the tiger tattoo. The tiger symbolizes strength and courage, but also beauty and longevity. According to cultures, its meaning varies, but they often revolve around the same values. In Hinduism, the tiger is associated with Shiva, with royalty and the harvesting of rice; In Japan, the tiger is a symbol of courage.

Tiger tattoo meaning

The tiger fascinates and frightens, it rivals the lion. He is the king of the jungle. It is associated with the male principle of the Yang. At the top of the food chain, it represents strength and power. This power is ferocious, savage, and obstinate. The tiger is patient and persevering, but it is also fierce and unpredictable. Chinese legends are full of allusions to the tiger: it is associated with the valorous warriors of the Great Empire.

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Elegance and agility

Like all felines, the tiger is agile and fast. It moves without noise, with tact and precision. It is a symbol of elegance and beauty.

The Thai Tiger

The Sak Yant is a tattoo originating in Cambodia. Popularized in Thailand, this magical and symmetrical tattoo often represents a divinity in animal form. The motif is accompanied by a mantra. The bearer of the tiger tattoo attracts protection, luck, fortune, charism … In South-East Asia, the tiger is the mythical ancestor who introduces men to the mysteries of the jungle.

The white tiger

The white tiger is rare. It symbolizes purity, supernatural and mystery. They lend him magical properties. An ambivalent animal, it is between the savage and the human world; He meets the spirits and can be seen at the edge of the jungle, a dangerous and mysterious place that haunts the collective imagination. In Feng Shui, the white tiger is associated with the western cardinal point and the element of the metal.
Associated with the north and the winter solstice, the white tiger devours the evil spirits of the forests on which it reigns.

The Japanese Tiger

The Japanese tiger is a symbol of courage and longevity. In Japanese folklore, one of the Suikoden’s heroes is wearing a tiger tattoo.


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