What is the significance of Buddhist tattoos

Buddhist tattoos symbols are an increasingly popular alternative among people wishing to be tattooed, either because they are followers of this religion, which is closer to a philosophy of life than to a real religion, or Because its symbols seem to you very aesthetic and that they constitute excellent drawings for tattoos. In any case, it is important to know the meaning of these symbols.

Buddhist tattoos meaning

The main symbol of Buddhism is, of course, the figure of Buddha. A Buddhist tattoos will demonstrate your faith and interest in this religion, or at least the fact that you embrace the values ??it advocates.

To speak of Buddhism is to speak of a religious concept which means that a person has arrived at a complete spiritual awakening. It also indicates a mental tranquility in the face of the chaos around us the ability to overcome confusion, desire and dislike, feelings normally felt by human beings.

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If you feel identified with this philosophy, then a Buddha tattoo can be a great idea. The three most common ways of representing Buddha are:
Golden Buddha: it represents the teachings of Buddhism
Buddha in meditation: it represents reflection and the search for knowledge
Buddha smiling: it represents the happiness and the hope

The lotus flower

The Lotus Flower is a Buddhist symbol that is often chosen as a tattoo for its visual appearance although the person is not necessarily adept at the Buddhist religion.

The lotus flower is a strong symbol in the oriental culture present in other religions like Hinduism and in the symbolic manifestations of very ancient civilization like Egypt or ancient Greece.

This flower is a symbol of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, resistance, effort and struggle, as well as the ability to be reborn because it grows even under unfavorable conditions.

The Mandala

The mandalas are a spiritual symbol present both in Buddhism and in Hinduism. Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit and symbolizes meditation, relaxation and inner peace.

The Buddhist belief states that the center of mandalas keeps the secrets of balance and purification.
What is the meaning of mandala tattooing

The Dharma Wheel

This wheel is also called dharma chakra and can represent Buddha himself. It is one of the universal symbols of Buddhism. It symbolizes the Buddhist law and represents the teaching of Buddha who was the first to set it in motion.

It also represents the endless cycle of birth and rebirth, from which one can not escape until one understands the meaning of Buddha’s teachings.

The eternal knot

The endless knot is a great symbol of the Buddhist religion that represents universal love. It is said that the intertwining of the lines of the eternal knot symbolizes the way everything is connected, and especially the union between compassion and wisdom. It is a symbol that you are a complex person in search of a certain serenity.

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