What is the significance of cherry blossom tattoos

The cherry blossom is a short-lived flower that grows on the branches of cherry trees in early spring, and that can take different colors and tones, although most often they are a pretty pale pink color. It is a flower with a great symbolic connotation, especially for cultures of the Far East such as Japanese and Chinese culture. It is widely used as an ornamental and decorative flower, and is a very popular tattoo. In this article we will unveil to you what is the meaning of cherry blossom tattoos.

 In Japan, cherry blossoms are at the heart of a great religious belief. They symbolize the transition and the importance of not attaching oneself to things because time passes and everything changes. It is also a great symbol of honor and loyalty. It was a tattoo very common among the Samurai, representing the blood and recalling the fragile and ephemeral side of life, and the sacrifice of their condition as warriors.

Cherry blossom tattoos represent

The cherry blossom is called Sakura in Japanese and represents femininity, softness, delicacy, but also fertility and spring. For the Japanese these flowers represents the fact that we must take advantage of life because it will not always last.

In China, the cherry blossom represents rather strength and dominance, because although ephemeral, it is capable of growing under adverse climatic conditions. Buddhists have a symbol of the temporality of cherry blossoms and represent the passing side of beauty and life, but also the cycle of transformation of life, being associated with the rebirth.

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Although this tattoo is most often worn by women, it can be a masculine or feminine tattoo, depending on the colors you choose and whether you decide to combine it with other symbols.

The cherry blossom tattoos is a tattoo that will be all the more beautiful if it is large, that is why the back and the sides are areas of the body particularly indicated for this tattoo. A branch of cherry blossom surrounding an arm or leg may also be interesting.

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