What is the significance of compass tattoos

You have certainly seen more than once seen someone with a compass tattoo and so may have already wondered what was its meaning. This object is generally used so that people can orient themselves in natural spaces because they indicate the cardinal points.

But a compass can symbolize many other things, especially if used as a tattoo. In this article we will introduce you to the meaning of compass tattoos so that you can understand why people are tattooed and whether this tattoo matches your personality and lifestyle.

The tradition of compass tattoos

Compasses are part of old school tattoos that are very popular among sailors because they can come home safe and sound thanks to this instrument.

The compass contains the polar star, that is to say, the star which represents the northern point of cardinality and which also allows to orient oneself on the high seas.

The compass also contains the rose of the winds, Various cardinal points that guide you and where you need to go. Also find out what other marine tattoos are.

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Thus, sailors who chose to be tattooed on compasses are protected during their voyages at sea. The compass was also the only way to go home and all the destiny of the sailors was symbolized by this precious object Which they could hold in the palm of their hands. That’s why this tattoo is so popular among sailors.

Despite the years the compass remains one of the most popular tattoos because of its original meaning but it can also have other more modern meanings.

Compass tattoos to better find its way

The significance of compass tattoos has taken on another meaning and although it still symbolizes the same concept, its meaning is even more symbolic: the compass helps you “not lose the north”, and know where you are in your life . Just as seafarers used these objects to get home, these tattoos can now be interpreted more metaphorically: they can symbolize your life and your destiny.

In this sense, tattoos can be accompanied by phrases or different elements symbolizing the search for his way in life. This tattoo can also symbolize having your head on your shoulders, creating your own path and building a fulfilling life.

The compass brings luck and protects you

Some people get tattooed a compass because they think, like the sailors of old, that this object symbolizes luck. Symbolically wearing this compass on the skin will bring you good luck because, throughout your life, it will help you stay on the right path, avoid losing you and remain faithful to your way of being and thinking.

Once regarded as a lucky sign, the compass always has the same meaning even if it has been enlarged: this object will allow you to remain true to your values ??and not let yourself be carried away by the vagaries of life. This tattoo can also symbolize strength, security and courage.

Compasses make it possible to achieve its objectives

Compass tattoos can also symbolize an element they indicate: the pole star. This star guided the sailors during the night and allowed them to know where North was. It was thanks to this star that they could find their way back and succeed in returning home.

In this sense, these tattoos can also be considered as symbols that will enable you to achieve the objectives you set, and as sailors, the compass can guide us and enable us to accomplish our goals. The compass represents the direction and direction to follow when we set a goal.

The compass symbolizes the focus

More and more people are living away from home and, as a result, often choose to tattoo a compass on their skin to symbolize their home, and their desire to return home following the directions of the compass.

People who are not far from home but with close relatives can wear this tattoo in this case: they can represent the feeling of being at home by being with their friends and in their country. Therefore, this tattoo is also very popular among couples and means that you will only feel at home with that other person.

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Compass tattoos to represent the idea of ??travel

The globe-trotters like to use the compass to show that they feel at home anywhere on the planet. These drawings are often accompanied by world maps or other symbols representing trips around the world (maps, maps, etc.) as this is the best way to represent the meaning of your tattoo.

Do not forget that the compass is a basic tool for traveling at sea or on land: it is therefore an excellent tattoo if you plan to fly around the world and discover the facets of our planet as much as possible.