What is the significance of elephant tattoos

Do you like elephant tattoos? In addition to being a beautiful animal that can be reproduced on lovely tattoos, this mammal also represents several symbols that you need to know before you get tattooed. Know that this animal was one of the most common in Asian and African cultures.

He was often regarded as a full-fledged village member and lived in harmony with men. In this article, you will discover the meaning of elephant tattoos and know all its meanings before impregnating your skin with a tattoo of this animal. 

Divine Representation of elephant tattoos

One of the most popular meanings of elephant tattoos is its connection to the divine and spiritual world, since in many cultures this animal lived with humans and was admired by its strength, age and spiritual connection. Nowadays, elephants continue to participate in many religious ceremonies in some Asian countries and humans make offerings to them or ask for their blessings.

In India, for example, tattoos of elephants mean the most absolute deity because these animals are linked to the Hindu god Ganesh, patron of the arts, intelligence and wisdom, responsible for removing obstacles from life. Thus, wearing this tattoo is a symbol of luck and represents the worship of intelligence.

In some Asian cultures, the elephant is considered a mystical and cosmic animal. Indeed, this mammal often appears on engravings and drawings carrying the world on his shoulders. This symbol is linked to the characteristics of elephants, such as age, strength, etc.

The Buddhists, for their part, continue to use the image of the white elephant that is associated with the figure of Buddha. Thus, tattoos of elephants of this color symbolize the values ??that Buddha defended: sincerity, compassion, peace, goodness and love.

Elephants as scientists

As mentioned above, elephants are often associated with intelligence and the cult of knowledge. This is because these animals live long and the experience is learned. Each year of life in addition represents knowledge and therefore wisdom.

An elephant tattoo can therefore mean the search for knowledge, wisdom, etc. But this animal is also linked to immortality (being a divine being) and to the learning we do in our lifetime.

A symbol of strength

Due to the corpulence of this animal, which is the world’s largest terrestrial mammal, elephant tattoos can also mean strength and courage. These animals can reach 6 tons (6,000 kg) for the African breeds: as you can see, they are very corpulent, strong and heavy.

Despite this, their character is docile and they are friendly and very family animals that can perfectly live with humans.

Thus, elephant tattoos also mean the ability a person has to overcome life obstacles, trauma or bad experience. This inner strength is represented on the outside with the image of the elephant, a strong, learned and calm animal.

The most common meaning elephant tattoos it’s luck

In any case, the most popular meaning of elephant tattoos is luck. This superstition comes from Asian and African cultures who believed that these mammals bore them luck. Why ? Because they could move very heavy loads, they served them as a means of transport, but also because humans could sell their ivory and earn a lot of money.

We have also mentioned that they are symbols related to divinity and that in some cultures they are even linked to the image of a concrete deity. Thus, elephants are the representatives of the divine world. If you wear one, it will bring you luck because you will have the goodness of the gods with you.