What is the significance of knot tattoos

The node is a very ancient symbol present in almost all cultures. Symbol of attachment and commitment, it also means infinity and complexity. There are an infinity of patterns of knots, from the most mystical to the most whimsical, and you will definitely find shoes at your feet. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and choosing her tattoo must be a thoughtful and thoughtful act.

Knot Tattoos Symbolizes

Previously sailors tattooed a knot in ropes on the wrist to signify that their post was located on the deck as a sailor. But knot tattoos has now spread out of the marine environment and a little tattoo of sea node so obviously mean your attachment to the sea but it also symbolizes the attachment and love towards another person quite simply.

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The knot is a great symbol of femininity, sensuality and softness. In the form of ribbon of laces, more or less thick, it will make appear your side more glamorous and elegant. Ideally choose feminine colors like pink or purple. The red will indicate a sexy and passionate side.

The knot tattoos can also be an ideal tattoo for couples wishing to show the bond that unites them. There is a Japanese legend which says that people predestined to meet would be linked at the level of the little finger by an invisible and unbreakable red thread: the red thread of destiny. So you can make yourself and your partner that little tattoo discreet and to mean that you have met the soul mate.

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In a deeper and more metaphorical style, the endless knot, present in Celtic and Buddhist cultures, is a great symbol of universal love. It symbolizes the spirit of Buddha, and the union between compassion and wisdom. It is a symbol that you are a complex person looking for a certain serenity.


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