What is the significance of marine tattoos

For years, marine tattoos have become a fashion phenomenon that everyone is proud to exhibit. Today, many people are still tattooed with these marine symbols. But do they know their meaning? Indeed, before wearing a tattoo, it is good to know what a given symbol means. Is it to assert an identity or an admiration or belonging to a group like the sailors? So before jumping off, it is important to know what is the meaning of marine tattoos.

Marine tattoos meaning

The sea anchor

When they arrive safely, sailors are used to anchoring in the sea to maintain the stability of the boat. Although the sea is disturbed, the boat remains stable thanks to the anchor. Here, the boat anchor tattoo represents stability. Thus, a person wearing a tattoo representing the marine anchor adheres to stability, a sense of calm and a stable mindset towards the problem of life.

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The wind rose

A person wearing a tattoo of the rose des Vents wants to know his destination in life. Indeed, the rose of the winds is often found on a map or in a compass in order to know the 4 cardinal points. The sailors used it to orientate and to know the direction of the wind. The tattoo showing a rose of the wind represents the bo

The boat 3 mats

The boat 3 mats evokes freedom. Often, it is the people who have a spirit of adventure who get tattooed this symbol of boat to 3 mats. Unlike the marine tattoos anchor, the boat 3 mats is not afraid of anything. A person tattooed with a drawing of a boat likes to face the unknown. He wants to discover a new horizon and is ready to leave everything behind him.

The Swallow

For sailors, the presence of the swallow around the boat shows that the land is near, the time to go home after a long journey. The number of swallows increases according to the distance traveled. The tattoo representing the swallow is described as the return to its roots, and attachment to its family. Even if the destination is still very far away, the individual wearing this kind of tattoo thinks he can be back to his family. We tell you more about the meaning of the swallow tattoo.


The steering wheel is used to change course and steer the boat during navigation. It determines the position of the rudders. Only the commander can hold the bar. Thus, a wheel tattoo symbolizes command, leadership. You have to hold on, no matter what happens in life.