What is the significance of snake tattoos

For many people, the snake is one of the most frightening living creatures. It is at the origin of many fears. Yet snake tattoos are widespread. It is indeed an animal with strong symbols, coming mainly from the religions and myths and beliefs of many civilizations. It may have both positive and negative connotations.

Snake tattoos symbol

The fact that the snake can kill a man or an animal in a few minutes (and in a single attack) makes him the perfect symbol of hatred, aggression, threat of death and danger. If you want to get this message across, make yourself snake tattoos that shows its hooks.

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When wrapped in a circle, sometimes biting the tail, the snake represents the cycle of life. It shows the cyclical nature of our universe, constantly moving and changing. This serpent, called Ouroboros, is a symbol of immortality.

A tattoo of two entwined snakes means a link to the world of medicine, healing. To understand this rapprochement, we must go back to the age of ancient Greece. It includes Asclepios, god of medicine and healing. He is often represented with a stick around which is surrounded a serpent (henceforth became a symbol of medicine).
These two intertwined serpents can also make us think of two DNA helices and thus symbolize the world of knowledge and knowledge.

The snake can also be represented carrying feathers. It is then called Quetzalcoatl.
The serpent then represents the attachment to the Earth and the feathers symbolize the attachment to the sky. Where certain beliefs separate the body and the spirit, here the duet heaven and earth is one. He then represents the creative force, the divinity.
If the feathered snake is represented with its forked tongue, then the tattoo takes on another significance since it represents the punishment of God.

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The serpent, in itself, can have many meanings. But, its meanings can change when you tattoo it along with other elements.

The snake tattoos and an eagle represents the conflict between a person’s good intentions and his wild nature.
The serpent represents passion and temptation (with the serpent inciting Eve to crunch the forbidden fruit). The eagle, for its part, and reserved for noble persons and having a high sense of morality. This tattoo is a strong symbol of the incessant battle between good and evil.

The rose is the representation of love, affection and beauty. She is the symbol of the pure and chaste nature of woman. But when it is associated with the serpent, it is the representation of the loss of innocence and beauty in the hands of a diabolical being.

The association of the snake and the skull is a fairly common image in the world of tattooing. The skull evidently represents death and decline. It recalls the mortality of humans.

The significance of its association with the snake may depend on cultures.
In the Western world, the combination of these two images represents the physical and spiritual destruction of being.
In other cultures, the serpent representing healing, the alliance of the skull and the reptile is a symbol of eternity (association of death and rebirth).