What is the significance of tree tattoos

Trees are very recurrent images in tattoos, and it is that they are charged with a great symbolic make an ideal alternative for the spiritual people, who are in constant search for evolution and culture as engine of their daily. If you think about this image for your next tattoo and want to know everything they represent, everything How explains the meaning of tree tattoos.

Tree Tattoos Symbol of life

Trees are part of nature, symbolizing life, and also the strength gained over the years. There are two essential ways of representing them: roots, large and thick, or thin branches with little foliage.

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Tattoos are tufted trees with roots representing the experience, maturity and own strength of the human being. It is a symbol that shows that we are balanced, that we have grown and that we are strong to bear what life puts on our path.

If you opt for a tree with thin, leafless branches or few leaves, and you think this aesthetic is the one that best represents you, you are showing the fragility of all living beings, including. You show yourself as someone who, although exposed and fragile, manages to overcome obstacles and difficulties and is firmly anchored on earth.

In the meaning of tree tattoos, we can not miss the most used and symbolic image, the tree of life. It is a representation with a broad trunk and abundant roots and branches, with a circular shape that reminds us of the cycle of life. This image symbolizes eternity, knowledge, knowledge, forgiveness and abundance. It reflects our links with our own roots and our ancestors by also appearing to have a family tree.

The tree has also become a symbol of spirituality or religion in many cultures. Because of the strength and longevity of these plants, they are the perfect image of the strength and persistence of our spiritual beliefs. For example, in Celtic culture, trees were considered to be the ancestors of men, while among Buddhists, Buddha came to enlightenment while meditating under a tree.
If you consider that your faith is an important aspect of your life, then tattooing a tree will be a good way to represent it.

The species of tree chosen for your tree tattoos can also have a connotation. One of the most popular tree tattoos for is Cherry Blossom, a popular and recurring image of Japanese culture that symbolizes femininity and grace. It is a perfect image to represent its feminine side and beauty. Discover more about the significance of cherry blossom tattoos.


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