What is the significance of wolf tattoos

The wolf is an animal that inspires respect, powerful, wild but faithful to its pack. It is the ancestor of the domestic dog that possesses a great symbolic charge that represents courage in many cultures.
In the animal world it is one of the great kings of survival and if you think to use its image to make you tattoo, it is important to know the different meanings that it implies. If you want to know what is the meaning of wolf tattoos, this article is for you.

Wolf tattoos history

Over the course of history the wolf has become a revered animal in many cultures, but also a fear image used to represent evil in other mythologies and religion.

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For the ancient Romans, the wolf was an animal worthy of veneration, for according to the legend Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, two brothers brought up and fed by a wolf. For the North American Indians this animal was a spiritual guide and a symbol of knowledge and loyalty because of the fidelity he swears to his pack. However, in Celtic, Nordic, Chinese and even Christian mythology, the wolf is a symbol of evil and its representation is negative.

Therefore finding meaning for a wolf tattoos is difficult, and this will depend mostly on how we see this animal and what we want it to represent, being a rather personal symbol.

Since the wolf symbolizes loyalty and family love (these animals move in packs and protect each other). Based on this meaning, it is an excellent image to represent his love for the people who are dear to us.

The wolf can also represent love towards our spouse if the tattoo represents two wolf together. Thus it symbolizes the union and also the birth of a new pack in which the two animals work together to protect the others.

Among the meanings of tattoos of wolves, we can not forget the association of this animal with the characteristics like courage and virility. It is a strong image that can summarize that we face life in a courageous and fearless manner.

For North American Indians, the wolf is one of the most revered animals. It is a spiritual guide, a natural guardian who offers protection and who symbolizes perseverance, and again fidelity to his pack.

For those who do not want to see the positive aspects of this animal, the wolf can symbolize obscurity, mystery, cruelty, and evil. It has been used as a negative image in many narratives, myths and stories. When you get Wolf tattoos this figure on your body, it is you who will decide which characteristics of the animal best reflect your personality.

Loyalty, family love, protection and courage are the characteristics of the wolf most taken into account at the time of getting tattooed.


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