Where to put on the wedding ring

The right hand or the left, next to the engagement ring or separate, sure those are the doubts that come to your head when you think about where you should put the wedding ring. Today we help you decide.

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Many theories seek to explain the origin of the tradition of the use of the marriage ring, whatever you identify with more, the truth is that in our days it has become a custom that represents the union of two souls and the promise of eternal love that are made.

Being a tradition with many centuries of antiquity and to which different origins are attributed, many doubts have been generated about where the marriage ring should be placed.

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So you know all the options you have and why, do not miss all the data we have collected on this topic for you.

The ring finger There is a consensus and that is that the marriage ring goes on the ring finger. Whatever the hand.
Your partner and the ring finger. There is an ancient Chinese tradition that attributes to each finger an important person in your life. The thumb the parents, the index the brothers and friends, the biggest yourself, the little finger to your children and the annul the couple that will be with you for a lifetime.

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And now that we have talked about the finger where to put the wedding ring, it is the turn to which hand should go.

On the right hand. Many countries have the habit of carrying hoops in the right hand, it is something that comes to them by culture. But there are also other reasons why the wedding ring is placed on the right. For example, left-handed people may prefer for convenience and in order to better preserve the alliance wear it on the right hand. There is also the tradition of wearing the ring in the right ring if it is a family heritage.

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In the left hand. Using the ring on the left ring finger comes from an old belief that the finger had a vein that connected it to the heart. This fact was published in an edict that the King of England, Edward VI made official during the sixteenth century.
In contrary hands. More and more couples are choosing to wear it in opposite hands, that is, the man on the left and the woman on the right or vice versa, in order that the hoops are joined by the interlacing of their hands.

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How to combine it with the engagement ring?
This is a doubt that most brides often have, so be quiet, you’re not the only one. In order to clarify a little we tell you the options you have.

Commitment and marriage in one hand. Perhaps the best known is the custom of wearing both the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the same finger. If you choose this option, try that both rings combine well together.

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Commitment and marriage in both hands. In some cultures there is a tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the ring of the right hand and the marriage ring on the ring of the left hand. While in other cultures it is exactly the other way around, the commitment in the ring of the left hand and the marriage in the ring of the right hand to demonstrate its additional sentimental value.

The decision to place both engagement rings and weddings either on the right or on the left, is a choice only of the couple. You can continue with the tradition or prefer another option. Now that you know all the options. Which one do you choose? How will you use your marriage ring?

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