Which Hand does a Wedding Ring go on? Left or Right? Here is the True Meaning

Getting married becomes the most emotional thing in one’s life. According to each tradition, every culture is familiar with the wedding ring that becomes a symbol of love between two people who are bound each other. Which hand does a wedding ring go on? This can give a different reaction. Some countries do use the left hand but others use the right hand.

Which Hand does a Wedding Ring go on? get the deal

In fact, there are countries that do not blame because they are okay with both hands option. On wedding day, generally, the couple will switch the ring from engagement to the other hand. When the engagement ring is on the third finger on right hand, the soon-to-be spouse will put it on the left hand ring finger. This tradition is actually common in Western culture.

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By putting the ring on, people believe if the couple will always be in the heart because the ring is placed in the hand where the vein ran directly to one’s heart as Roman’ and Egypt’s popular story have spreader to the world. Modern couples tend to be free on how to incorporate the wedding ring from design to the placement. Which hand does a wedding ring go on? No more specific beliefs are followed by some couples. They usually follow the culture in their environment.

As long as it is treated with care and respect and so does the desired messages can be conveyed, then there is no more like which hand does a wedding ring go on for a woman or a man? The difference can be seen with some examples on several countries such as Jewish wedding using the right ring finger, the same as Austria. This is in contrast to most Europeans who wear on the left hand along with South Africa and most of North America. India even accepts either left or right.


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