Wind tattoo – to always keep our course

Within the world of the tattoos of sailors, there are different elements that have been extrapolated to the rest of fans to the world of the tattoo thanks to its traditions. It is said that there is no greater freedom than the sensation of sailing in the middle of the sea on a sailboat. Although I personally am not very fond of the sea (something that should come from family but it is not), yes that I am a big fan of the different tattoos and the influence that the sailors have had in the history of the tattoo.

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Swallows, pin-ups, boats or anchors are tattoos associated directly with sailors since they were the ones who began to tattoo this type of motifs. However, I would like to talk about the Rose of the Wind tattoos, another tattoo associated directly with this fascinating profession with which you can know half the world. But what does the Wind tattoo mean to sailors? This element is very important to them.

Rose Wind tattoo

First, let’s go into detail about what the Wind tattoo. Basically and roughly described, it is a circle that has marked the directions in which the circumference of the horizon is divided. It is usually present in the vast majority of navigation charts. Also known as Nautical Roses (although if you do a search for the net you will see that their designs differ a little from what we show here), they have a star shape.

It has 32 points that refer to the cardinal points and to the direction of the winds. In the upper area a fleur de lis is present to indicate the situation of the north.

The meaning of the rose rose tattoos is associated with not getting lost in the middle of the ocean. As we say, they are a symbol present in navigation charts, an indispensable element to maintain the course by any sea. A person who decides to make wind tattoo, wants to refer to his desire to stay on the right path and never deviate from it. There is also talk of an element with which we transmit our close bond with the sea.

When you get a Wind tattoo, there are many alternatives, as you can see in the gallery of images at the end of the article, there are those who opt for a simple and sober design, while others use the rudder of a Boat to simulate the shape of the nautical rose. In any case, it is a very interesting tattoo with which to represent our new lifestyle and desire to stay on the chosen path.

Pictures of Wind Tattoo