Wing tattoos so delicate and feminine, they will make you feel like an angel

The skin is a blank canvas that can be full of color and design with wing tattoos. These have become an art expression that reflects the essence of people.

If you are looking to make an elegant design, but that has a great meaning, your best option will be the wings. They represent freedom, protection, goodness and eternity. Strong, right? Get inspired by these wing tattoos.

Elegant wing tattoos ideas

Fine lines

The back will always be a good place to make a great tattoo. It has huge wings with symbols of fine lines. It will be a great design.


Raise your wings with a little color. Choose a design where black ink is accompanied by other shades such as pink and blue, to create a creative and fun style. It will look very original.

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The wings do not necessarily have to be large. If you are looking for a minimalist style, go for a tattoo with a fine and delicate point.


Honor that special person with a tattoo. Add some wings to the initial of your loved one, so that every time you see your design you think about it.

Animal inspiration

If you are looking for an original design of wings, you can turn to the image of a dragonfly or butterfly. They have a great connection to the creative side of each person.

Two wings

Angel wings usually represent protection. Wear a wing tattoos on your back as a symbol that someone is watching your steps.

Miles to go

You can fly as high as you want. Represent your path with a phrase and the wings in the same design.


Take a growth reminder with you. It begins with a feather and ends with huge wings as a symbol of evolution.


Tattoos on the ankle are very sensual and elegant. Represent the concepts of protection and freedom with wings that draw your guardian angel.

Like a butterfly

Get inspired by the varied and colorful butterfly wings to trace your tattoo. Bring it to life in a watercolor style.

Fly high back

The wings, in addition to protection, also represent freedom. Back as high as the birds with a great tattoo.

Wings and flowers

Your favorite flower with the wings of a bird for the design of your tattoo. It will definitely be a very romantic style.

Imagination knows no limits

A tiger can have wings if you want to. Dare to create fun designs, to make your tattoo something unique.

A delicate fantasy

The delicate outline of a beautiful fairy sharing her magic, is ideal if you are looking for fantasy to take over your skin.


The wings of angels, fairies or any other creature are synonymous with perfection. The brush strokes of color will give a very realistic touch to your tattoo.


A beautiful way to capture freedom is through wings. It sports a minimalist design with a fine line accompanied by shadows, it will look very original.

Perfect balance

The wings will keep you in perfect balance. In addition to being a symbol of protection, they mean freedom and balance.

Time flies

Time is the most precious thing that someone can give you, because it does not return. Butterfly wings and a watch will remind you not to forget that the hours fly by.


Tattoos are for showing off, so take a risk in making a very flamboyant design that’s hard to ignore.

In front

There is no rule stating that the wings only go on the back. Look original and creative with a tattoo on your chest.

Pure magic

From the big screen to your skin, the golden Harry Potter snitch on your arm. The magic and sorcery of the film in a single tattoo.


Colors, shapes and wings are the ideal mix for those who love aesthetic but creative designs.

Beautiful elegance

Small and discreet tattoos are ideal to get your first tattoo. Wings on your fingers will look very elegant.

Eternal footprints

The wings often reflect eternity. Remember your furry adventure companion with traces and wings captured on your skin.

Shared design

The most beautiful thing about tattoos is that they can be an eternal mark of love and the deep bond between two people. Share a design with your favorite person.