Women’s Neck Tattoo – Example of a naked woman tattoo

Do you plan to make a tattoo on your neck or neck? So you’ve come to the right place! You have certainly already considered the main question related to this type of tattoo: discreet or apparent? Indeed, this area is both discrete because easy to camouflage most of the year and / or covered by hair, but also apparent for many months. A very versatile lo

The positioning and size of your women’s neck tattoo will decide for you. By choosing the upper area of ??the neck and opting for a discreet woman’s tattoo, you will be able to camouflage it easily in your hairstyle, choosing whether or not to make it apparent by wearing a bun for example.

It is the same for the lower part of the neck on which your clothes can hide or reveal your tattoo.

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Conversely if you choose the middle of the neck, it will often be to send a strong message, a part of your character or your personality to put forward. Your women’s neck tattoo on this area, it’s sure to be noticed, it’s up to you to play with the patterns to highlight what you want with this tattoo.

What pattern to choose for a woman tattoo on the neck?

At the level of the models of women’s neck tattoo, this area is relatively small, if you are looking for a great pattern to make you tattoo you have the possibility to make the outline of the neck, or a tattoo that starts the neck to stop in the back. If you are lacking in inspiration for your neck tattoo woman, do not hesitate to take a look at the photos below!.



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