Women’s tattoo – trends of female tattoo

Formerly reserved for men or in very discreet locations (lower back, scapula …), in recent years, the Women’s tattoo continues to democratize and rejuvenate.

Fortunately, this renewal of the female tattoo is no longer to the detriment of quality. Far from being a simple fashion for most tattoos, the Women’s tattoo is also acquiring (again) its letters of nobility and is no longer limited to the traditional female sites (wrist tattoo, tattoo ankle …).

The latest trends in women’s tattoos

Indeed, if small sites continue to attract many women or girls, tattooists are increasingly finding that these sites are, most of the time, a way to leap into a larger or more visible room. Unlike the man tattoo, women rarely take the risk of getting a tattoo complete cuff (arm tattoo) or a full back.

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Nevertheless, the development of tattoo artists (quantitative and qualitative) now allows to make impressive pieces but also very feminine.

More than an ephemeral fashion or a simple trace of ink under the skin, tattooing is undoubtedly one of the oldest and richest forms of artistic expression that humanity has known. Today, one in ten people in France is tattooed.

Women’s tattoo designs: letter tattoo

Initials of first name, song lyrics or quotations (“carpe diem”, “memento mori” …): letter-based tattooing is widespread, whatever its style or origin – Gothic style, Arabic calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, Etc. Some women do not hesitate to stylize their tattoo thanks to fine arabesques intertwined around the letters.

Women tattoo designs: flower tattoo

A true symbol of the Women’s tattoo, flower-based models are popular among young ladies. Lilies, orchids or sakura: a surge of flowers adorns the body of its ladies. The flowers are purified and graphic, sometimes with meticulous details, so that the plant tattoo does not demode with the time. The rose, seen on the hip of Lady Gaga, makes her comeback.

Women’s tattoo designs: old school tattoo

Long neglected, the old school tattoo is nowadays a formidable renewal, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Amy Winehouse was a proud ambassador.

The old school tattoo style is characterized by thick contours, strong black shadows and the use of primary bright colors.

Old school drawings often draw inspiration from the themes of the 50s and 60s, such as pin-up, roses, tigers, and military and maritime symbols.

Women’s Tattoo Models: Large Parts

Previously reserved for Suicide girls, tattoos of very large pieces such as the tattoo of the arm or the leg quickly spread among young girls. Often composed of patterns of old school style (swallow, cherry, marine ink …) or burlesque, the tattoo is filled with solid colors. It is influenced by rock bands and underground cultures.