Women’s thigh tattoo ideas

Originality is most often the expected result of a tattoo. To achieve this result, it is possible to use either the tattoo pattern or the location. To get off the beaten track, the women’s thigh tattoo seems to be the perfect location.

More and more women’s thigh tattoo!

This tattoo is unfortunately only dared by a small number of women, the tattoo on the thigh, like the back tattoo, is found in people used to wear large tattoos, unlike the wrist that is One of the most common locations in a woman.

The thigh is an extension of the hip and lower back. This site thus offers a wide range for all forms of patterns and volumes. A tattoo on the thigh can go from the small sentence centered in the middle, to big realistic roses on one side of the thigh. The possibilities are endless.

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Since it is fairly well concealed when it is uncovered, the women’s thigh tattoo arouses a desire to touch as it is surprising to discover it at this place of the body. The size of a tattoo on the thigh is variable. It is preferable for a woman to take into account its volume, its muscular lines for questions of aesthetics and symmetry.

The originality of the site does not change the type of tattoo. They can be realistic, tribal, new or old school style, oriental …. They can fit in the direction of the height of the thigh or the circumference.

Pain and Tips for a women’s thigh tattoo

This is not the most painful body location. If you have firm skin and fairly noticeable muscles you will be able to pull yourself out of this exercise without any even mild pain. Given its position it is well preserved and problems related to discretion are rare. On the other hand, beware of the weight gain that could distend the skin and give your masterpiece a serious skin shake superfluous.

Your femininity is at stake ladies. If you tattoo yourself like a guy, it may be that once in a swimsuit you do not get the desired seduction results. But to preserve femininity and sensuality, know how to make a good choice. This is one of the reasons why you should choose a tattoo that fits your volume and that does not cover your entire thigh, much like Nabila’s thigh tattoo, sexy at will.

If the tattoo is too extensive you run the risk of not being the beautiful siren of the beaches but the warrior Maori lost. Your objective is not to become the target of the taunts, think about documenting yourself on the proposed forms and if necessary make simulations for the position that suits you best.

The very charismatic and talented singer PINK approaches on her right women’s thigh tattoo thigh that goes to him to delight. It emanates an aura of sensuality mixed with an I do not know what of felinity.

The combination of originality and discretion is a set of factors that we hope will be decisive if you are still in the thinking stage for your future woman tattoo!.


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