Wrist Tattoos Templates

The Wrist Tattoos is one of the places of the body most appreciated for the followers of the tattoo fashion and trend, for woman as for man. The wrist allows discrete tattoos, in particular by small patterns inside the forearm, or on each wrist for example, for a price that is often reasonable. Women often choose fine-line motifs such as tattoos of bracelets, small stars or a small tribal symbol, which are the most common motives with first names and letters, butterflies, salamanders, dragons, and so on.

For women, the Wrist Tattoos can have a very sexy look, like a jewelry, and reveal itself in the bend of a glance only with the slight tuck of a sleeve. There are many female celebrities with tattoos on the wrist: Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Pink, Kate Moss, Alyssa Milano, Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham.

On the other hand, tattoos on the wrist or forearms are often the object of tattoos of larger size, such as tattoos of letters, phrases with typography calligraphy, or with Gothic letters, such as the singer Robbie Williams . It is also possible to choose tribal motifs, such as the tribal bracelet on the wrist of the rapper Eminem.

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Wrist tattoos more painful

The Wrist Tattoos is not necessarily more painful than on other parts of the body, pain related to the area may be sometimes more sensitive due to a lack of flesh thickness to cushion the vibrations of the machine , As on the top of the foot for example, and therefore inside the wrist, with the proximity of the nerve endings.

It is sometimes advised by some tattoo artists to raise the design too high, on the one hand for reasons of visibility, the tattoo being still partially taboo in society and more precisely in the world of the company where it is still today, It is preferable to be able to conceal its inks easily, and on the other hand for people with very apparent veins and having a low corpulence, especially at the level of the upper wrist, close to the hand.

The tattoo artist will usually bypass an apparent vein to take no risk. Getting tattooed in a tattoo parlor and hygiene irreproachable does not expose you a priori to any danger, just consult the tattoo artist and discuss with him your possible previous health problems. There is no risk of severing an artery during a tattoo on the wrist.